Hole No 5/14 - The Bothy

Hole 5 at St Fillans

All good golf courses have a "signature" hole and I believe that The Bothy falls into this category.

Whilst it is not a long hole , 274 yards, it can make or break a good round.

My way of playing it is to take either a driver or 5 wood depending on wind direction and aim over the corner of the hill.

Assuming you have made a good strike you should now be about 80 to 100 yards short of the green.

You now have a choice to either chip and run, or pitch up to the elevated green. Either way if you are short the ball will run back to the bottom of the hill or if you are big you are in deep grass over the back of the green.

I tend to use either a wedge or gap wedge to land just before the brow of the green and then hope the ball releases towards the hole.

2 putts , 1 on a good day, and you are delighted to walk off with a par or better.

Gordon Strong, Handicap 6

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