Hole No 3/12 - An Cnoc

Hole 3 at St Fillans

Take a moment to look around from the tee. The mountain-and-woodland views to every compass point are the reason most of us are addicted to this course: it is a truly beautiful place to play golf. Tee off from the top of the only hill on the course, with a word of advice: don't look down. The land immediately in front of the tee is so unsuitable for golf it is a nature reserve. Second word of advice: pray for an east wind. Prevailing south-westerlies can deposit the best-struck drive onto the second fairway. Third word of advice: don't go left. But with a good east wind at your back and a bit of run on the fairway, you might fancy your chances of reaching the green all-but-300 yards away in one. It's blue moon territory, but it does happen. For lesser mortals, a straight 200-yard drive is perfect. My preferred approach is a low-running pitch between the bunkers, a wee punch with a wedge. Arguably the most birdiable hole on the course... on a good day.

Jim Crumley, Handicap still negotiable.

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